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Cobalt Digital has partnered with Encompass Digital Media on ChannelMark for media enrichment.

ChannelMark interfaces with all major broadcast automation systems to drive automatic, frame-accurate SCTE 104 message insertion. Cobalt Digital's HPF-9000 frame and frame sync cards with +SCTE104-FAST software enable Encompass to implement the entire SCTE 104 specification without requiring customers to modify their upstream traffic and scheduling workflows, which in turn enables a host of downstream features such as automated ad replacement and automated video-on-demand (VOD) file creation.

“Cobalt Digital worked closely with our team to meet all of the technical requirements for frame-accurate SCTE 104 message insertion, as well as for producing encoded outputs with SCTE 35 inside a single 2-RU appliance,” said James Heliker, director of media workflow engineering at Encompass, which will provide the ChannelMark media enrichment service as part of its channel playout services. “Together, ChannelMark and the Cobalt gear allow our customers to leverage linear content for VOD and OTT in ways that were previously not possible,” he added.

The Cobalt Digital +SCTE104-FAST software incorporated into ChannelMark is designed to provides the ability to tie real-time events from broadcast automation to specific frames of video in the baseband SDI. In the preparation of linear content for VOD platforms, this capability is claimed to eliminate the need to capture and manually edit out extra head and tail content surrounding programming, a process that delays delivery of content into the VOD chain for viewing. The Encompass ChannelMark service can automatically mark the beginning and end of every segment in real time, and downstream systems can extract the perfectly marked segments for dissemination to CDN, VOD and OTT platforms.

“Ensuring precise insertion of pertinent data, our +SCTE104-FAST frame-accurate SCTE trigger greatly enhances the performance and accuracy of VOD and server-based commercial-replacement systems,” said Bob McAlpine, CEO of Cobalt Digital. “We've been developing and refining this solution over the past year, and we're excited to see it being implemented by an industry leader such as Encompass to give its customers a competitive edge.”