Channel 4: YouTube, Facebook more expensive and less impactful than commercial TV VOD | Social TV | News | Rapid TV News
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The UK’s fourth largest broadcaster, Channel 4, has embarked on a mission to call on advertisers to challenge the value of social video ad spend.

channel 4 all 4 The broadcaster has released the results of new research which it says proves that advertisers are paying more per minute for completed ad views with YouTube and Facebook in an environment where viewers are more distracted from content (or not watching at all) compared with TV video-on-demand (VOD).

The top-line figure in the research was that the true cost per thousand (or minute) for broadcaster VOD completed ads was around 20% cheaper than YouTube and a third of the cost of Facebook. This, asserted Channel 4, was the case even when including organic views, which it said make up much of Facebook’s exposure. The research also claimed that commercial broadcaster VOD delivers significantly higher engagement levels, completion rates and watch time for advertisers than VOD ads on YouTube and Facebook. This was when tested against Channel 4 VOD headline cost and using analytics from Channel 4 marketing data.

The research, conducted by independent agency GOG Research and Neuroscientist Dr Amanda Ellison at Durham University, also found that advertising on broadcaster VOD commands 3.5 times greater attention levels than advertising on YouTube and that completed advertising video views were 62% lower for YouTube and over five times lower for Facebook than ads on All 4, Channel 4’s on-demand service.

In addition, the survey revealed that three-quarters (73%) of minutes ‘watching’ YouTube on tracked devices showed that the ads and videos were hidden from view due to users using them as background music play-listing behind other tasks while just over half of YouTube advertising is viewed in an attentive state, compared with over 85% of viewing time to broadcaster VOD ads.

“These research results are compelling and support what we already know to be true – that BVOD is a far more effective and efficient use of brand marketing spend than social media platforms,” said Jonathan Allan, sales director, Channel 4. It’s particularly timely as Google and Facebook face further calls to take responsibility for brand safety and viewing measurement and should give advertisers and agencies much to consider as they evaluate their marketing mix and media investment decisions.”