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Online video platform Dailymotion is claiming that gone are the days when people had to watch their branded content videos on a small screen and had to rotate their smartphones to enjoy a full-screen viewing.

To allow brands to broadcast their advertising messages while adapting to new video consumption and behaviour of mobile users, it has launched what it claims is the first-to-market vertical pre-roll, instream.

The company says that its objectives are to maximise mobile completion rates and provide viewers with a deeper immersion within brands' video content while viewing in full screen while still respecting the user experience. It notes that unlike vertical interstitials — which Dailymotion believes will abruptly cover a mobile page content — or vertical native and out-stream formats, the vertical pre-roll is served on the same ad position as a standard pre-roll. Taking advantage of the technical assets of a video player, Dailymotion will fit to the screen.

NROLL, Dailymotion’s integrated creative studio, offers the ability to adapt the landscape-format branded videos to vertical videos. The vertical-roll is now available through Dailymotion’s direct sales and will be released through programmatic by early 2017.