Online video tipping point reached as mobile accounts for more than half of viewing | Media Analysis | Business | News | Rapid TV News
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For the first time, mobile devices account for the majority of all online viewing, according to the Q2 2016 Global Video Index from Ooyala.

ooyala 21 Sep 2016The survey from the premium online video publishing, production workflow, analytics and monetisation technology provider drew insights from over 3.5 billion video analytic events per day from 220 million viewers across the world. It found that mobile devices now represent 51% of all online viewing, a 15% increase from a year ago and a 203% rise since 2014. Smartphones made up 43% of all video views, a 10% compared with 2015, while tablets made up the other 8%, a 51% increase from the same time period a year ago.

When comparing iOS versus Android, the two mobile operating systems make up 98% of all mobile online viewing. For smartphones, specifically, iOS owns 52% of video plays while Android captures the remaining 48%. However, on tablets, the share of iOS viewing has declined in a year from 91% in Q2 2015 to 65%.

Other results from the survey show that three-quarters of the sample have at least one over-the-top (OTT) subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service while nearly three-fifths use their favourite SVOD service at least 11 hours per week. Two-fifths of customers who churn said it was due to a ‘lack of value’.

The Q2 2016 Global Video Index also highlighted power-user engagement across advertising VOD (AVOD), SVOD and transactional-based VOD (TVOD) business models and found that on AVOD news sites, power users visit 37% more during the work week than on weekends. They also prefer computers to consume content for longer periods, compared to the average user who uses a mobile phone. By contrast, with AVOD entertainment sites, power users watch 17% more content on Thursdays and Fridays than Monday through Wednesday, and 37% more than on Saturday and Sunday.

On SVOD entertainment sites, 76% of power users visit two to three days a week, with peak viewing occurring Friday and Saturday. Mondays see the least traffic from power users. TVOD sites, power users produce the slowest traffic early in the week, but on the weekend stream about 13 times more content than during the week.

“The findings in the report further manifest the utmost importance of having a proper analytics solution that gives granular insight into your video business,” commented Ooyala co-founder and SVP of products and solutions, Belsasar Lepe. “Only with analytics and the insights that they provide are premium content providers able to truly dig in and understand the complexities and nuances of things such as the profile of their specific power users, just how much their audience engages on mobile devices or how to properly combat subscriber churn. It can’t be overlooked, not anymore.”