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Although Mexico completed its analogue switch-off in January, 22% of homes still haven’t switched over to DTT due to lack of equipment or coverage.

According to a report by the Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFT), the public programme prior to the analogue switch-off, which aimed to reduce the digital gap by subsidising DTT set-top boxes, was inefficient.

Official figures are even higher than the less optimistic reports, such as the one published by the Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU) last January, claiming 18 million Mexicans could not switch on digital TV.

“It’s a proven fact that the analogue switch-off was carried out without proper research to make sure the Mexican population had access to DTT,” pointed out Ernesto Piedras, CEO of the CIU, in a note following IFT’s latest report. “The evaluation reveals the need to deploy additional efforts to facilitate DTT access for the affected population.”

Mexico is the only Latin American country to complete the transition to digital TV so far. Viewers have been getting a DTT signal since 1 January, but many networks, especially local and small ones, got an extra year to complete the digital switchover.