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With 80% of DTT coverage across the country, Argentinian public telco Arsat is relegating digital TV deployment to the background.

Arsat has been reorganising priorities during the past few weeks and most of the budget will now be directed to the growing fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network.

“New DTT broadcasting towers won't be built; only the ones under construction will be finished,” said consultancy firm Carrier & Asociados, in a paper analysing Arsat's latest moves. “Televisión Digital Argentina may even change hands and be managed by Radio Televisión Argentina (RTA), the state-owned company responsible for public audiovisual means.”

Satellite strategy will also change. With Arsat-1 and Arsat-2 satellites already in orbit, the third one in the series won't be a priority, even though the company had reached an agreement with Arianespace to launch it. According to the analyst's note, Arsat-3's development is suspended and it does not even have a orbital position assigned.

Following earlier statements by Rodrigo de Laredo, the company's president, Arsat will focus on selling Arsat-2's capacity, trying to become a solid alternative in Latin America for video transportation and satellite Internet.

“The company is clearly focused on fibre and broadband,” explained Carrier & Asociados. “Arsat's idea is to become a wholesaler of fibre services and to be an operator just in those places where there isn't a private one.”