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ARSAT has started technical tests in order to start selling broadcasting capacity on the recently launched ARSAT-2 to several interested partners.

The Argentinian public satellite and fibre operator attended the Satellite Show 2016 in Washington during this week, aiming to increase its activity beyond the Argentinian borders and start building a key operator for Latin America.

“In only one week, we have met important goals for ARSAT. We have started several technical tests in order to be able to start ARSAT-2's commercialisation,” said Rodrigo De Loredo, president. “We think the first commercial agreements will be inked within a few weeks.”

According to the company, telecom operators and broadcasters were interested in the satellite's capacity, which equals the current available spot-beams for North America.

The company's future is tied to proving the existence of real demand, as ARSAT has already an ongoing project for a third satellite even though the second one has not yet driven any income.