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Following the country’s analogue switch-off, Mexico has approved a new broadcasting plan which intends to license 194 DTT channels.

The Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFT) has published the new route towards a full digital TV implementation, which includes the number of commercial, public and international DTT and digital radio frequencies to be awarded.

The IFT intends to license 148 commercial TV signals, 40 frequency slots for public use and six social channels. Some frequencies will also be kept for US networks which want to broadcast along the border.

Since 1 January, Mexicans have only been receiving a digital signal, as the analogue switch-off finally took place the last day of 2015. The country is the first Latin American territory to complete the process.

However, networks will have another year to complete the digital switchover, as many of them weren't ready.

In addition, some reports claim that up to 18 million Mexicans aren't receiving digital TV at home as they lack the necessary technology.