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The share of TV everywhere (TVE) viewing via over-the-top (OTT) devices has increased more than a hundredfold in the past year, with Apple TV leading the way.

According to Adobe’s Q2 2015 US Digital Video Benchmark Report, TVE viewing over streaming devices jumped to 21% in the quarter, representing an increase of 110% year-over-year. The undisputed king of that domain is Apple TV, which increased its share of TVE viewers by 10% in the quarter. In comparison, the share of viewers for other connected TV devices (Iike Roku) saw marginal to no movement.

The report showed that overall, across every type of access, TVE usage is up on a yearly basis, with viewing rising by 63% YoY.

Millennials especially love it: The share of youth-oriented TV viewing on OTT devices increased by 153% YoY, while the iOS share declined 32% YoY. OTT has also become the device of choice for binge watchers with frequency of viewing up 35% YoY.  

One segment that’s lagging is so-called ‘active’ TVE viewership (pay-TV subscribers watching TV online), which grew by 19% YoY, but has stagnated in the past three quarters and is down 4% QoQ.  Also, tablets aren’t faring so well.

The share of viewing on tablets fell 21% YoY. Comparatively, the share of viewing on smartphones rose 20% YoY.

“In terms of overall online video viewing, tablets are taking a little bit of a breather,” said Matthew Roberts, Adobe senior marketing analyst. Part of the reason is that tablet sales have slowed as more consumers use their smartphones for many things they did on their tablets, he said.

“The screens are getting a little bit bigger, and your smartphone has a little bit more functionality that it didn’t have before, so we’re seeing it cannibalise some tablet viewing,” Roberts explained.

The stats come as Apple is reportedly prepping the release of the fourth-generation Apple TV box.

The all-things-Apple blog 9to5Mac said unnamed sources at the company have confirmed that Apple TV 4 will launch in October with Siri voice navigation, an app store and a software developer kit. Unlike the existing $99 version, the new streamer will go for $199.

Both Apple TV 3 (which will see its price reduced to $69) and the shiny new version will support Apple's upcoming over-the-top (OTT) service, the blog said.