Time Warner Cable, i.TV implement personalized TV search and discovery | News | Rapid TV News
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Time Warner Cable and i.TV have both added heft to their video discovery methods with the addition of the Digitalsmiths Seamless Discovery personalised video search and recommendation engine, which offers individual sets of recommendations for each household member.

The functionality searches TV shows and movies across live TV, video on-demand and DVRs. Additional data sets will be added over time, providing expanded capabilities for subscribers.

"Service providers are looking for solutions that assist them in driving subscriber engagement and creating new ways for consumers to discover video," said Digitalsmiths CEO Ben Weinberger. "Digitalsmiths unleashes the power of search and recommendations through a uniquely personalized experience that benefits both subscriber engagement while providing cross-selling and upselling opportunities for featured content."

Digitalsmiths' latest consumer survey reveals that the average pay-TV subscriber only watches a handful of channels on a regular basis, and almost 70% of subscribers surveyed always or frequently have trouble finding something to watch, eroding the perceived value of their $85+ per month subscription.

TWC is rolling the functionality out for subscribers across all of their connected devices including iPads/tablets, mobile phones, laptops, set-top boxes and Roku boxes with TWC TV.

Meanwhile, i.TV powers TV guide apps for iPhone and iPad, as well as social TV and second screen experiences for various consumer electronics makers. i.TV recently announced a partnership with Nintendo to co-create Nintendo TVii, a built-in service on the new Wii U console. Through its partnership with Digitalsmiths, i.TV will use Seamless Discovery to develop personalised search and recommendations features for its own products and those it creates for its partners, potentially reaching millions of consumers.

"We are committed to providing our subscribers new and improved ways to discover content, and our partnership with Digitalsmiths will help us create better experiences for our customers," said Mike Angus, senior vice president and general manager, video at Time Warner Cable.