Touchstorm offers brands way to find louder voice in online video market | News | Rapid TV News
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As survey after survey shows a surge in online video, there is a commensurate danger that the right audiences may be failing to access the right content, but online video distribution firm Touchstorm believes it has the answer to this issue.

Recognising the power that lies in online video content for reaching consumers and working with publishers, the company is rolling out Arena, said to be the industry's first hybrid video platform and which will see use with branded videos that have to date been considered too long to be distributed as pre-roll and too branded to be featured as editorial.

Developed in response to the introduction of new video formats which have required specific distribution mediums, Arena is claimed to be able to equip brands and publishers with a solution to navigate this evolving landscape and achieve the reach, engagement and conversion needed to deliver ROI in content marketing campaigns. Furthermore it is attributed with providing monetisation opportunity by offering additional inventory through a revenue-sharing programme.

It can be used to place brand videos on a contextually relevant page and distribute it to the relevant publishers, niche verticals, mobile and video-on-demand (VOD) suppliers, etc. It can also fill pages with relevant content such as articles, other videos and even display advertising.

Touchstorm adds that unlike with traditional "native advertising" solutions, video placement and position on Arena's pages makes logical sense to consumers and does not "attempt to trick viewers or trade views."

Explained Alison Provost, founder/CEO, Touchstorm: "If 2012 was the year brands figured out that they wanted video content, 2013 is the year that they're making that content. Brands deserve to be a voice on the Internet, and it's editorial videos and editorial placement that give them the loudest voice. However, it's important that brands have a way to distribute their hybrid videos as well.

"Too much of the video industry is built on fraud of one kind or another. View counts, in particular. Touchstorm lets brands and their agencies insert a pixel, from their analytics company of choice, into Arena. They don't have to take our word for it; they can see for themselves. I would advise anyone hiring a company to deliver video views to challenge the vendor to accept your analytics pixel. We think you'll hear a lot of excuses about why it can't be done, and that should send up some huge red flags about where those views are coming from."