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Rapid TV News TV Connect MENA 2013 Show Special


November 5-6 2013, Dubai, UAE

Arab broadcasters named among most influential war reporters

Rebecca Hawkes | 17-10-2013

Seven Arab women broadcasters have been named by UK-based charity Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) as among the 100 most ... Read more

Court insists on transparency in Al Jazeera lawsuit against AT&T

Rebecca Hawkes | 16-10-2013

Full details of Al Jazeera's lawsuit against AT&T must be made public within four business days, following a decisio... Read more

TSL provides DMI with surround solution for tennis coverage

Rebecca Hawkes | 16-10-2013

UAE broadcaster Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) has employed 5.1 surround sound in its television coverage of the Dubai D... Read more

New TV studio for Mecca

Rebecca Hawkes | 15-10-2013

A new television and photography studio has been opened in the King Abdullah Medical City in the Saudi Arabian city of M... Read more

Al Jazeera to launch online channel

Rebecca Hawkes | 11-10-2013

Al Jazeera will launch an online video channel in the coming months in a bid to reach and engage with a younger audience... Read more