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Contributed by Portolano Cavallo Studio Legale

As can be witnessed on an almost daily basis, regulation forms a pivotal role in the development of TV industries. Whether it is dealing with takeovers, spectrum, pricing or business models, gaining insight into how regulation works can have a dramatic effect on the success of TV offerings. It's as basic as that. We hope you enjoy our section of editorial dedicated to all matters related to regulation around the world. We think you will appreciate the focus that we put on the law-makers, but you will be the judge of that.

Marco Bellezza, Federica De Santis | 05/04/2013 | Internet | Google not liable for Autocomplete and Related Searches results, Italian court rules
Antonella Barbieri, Federica De Santis | 03/03/2013 | Consumer Protection | Italian authorities join forces with Italian companies to fight counterfeits and piracy
Laura Liguori, Federica De Santis | 06/02/2013 | Data Protection | Developments in data protection in 2012 and trends for 2013
Ernesto Apa, Francesca Fabris | 06/02/2013 | Television | Developments in the TV sector in 2012 and trends for 2013
Marco Bellezza, Dario Morelli, Anna Salvo | 06/02/2013 | Advertising | Developments in advertising law, the Internet, e-commerce and IP in 2012, and trends for 2013
Laura Liguori, Federica De Santis | 21/01/2013 | Data Protection | New Italian rules on the transfer of call centres outside Italy
Saverio Cavalcanti, Marilita Piromalli | 20/09/2012 | Data Protection | Is it lawful to remotely monitor employees’ work activities thorough the use of surveillance systems?
Laura Liguori and Federica De Santis | 10/08/2012 | Consumer Protection | Could ISPs be forced to take action to guarantee an individual’s “Right to be Forgotten”?