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Online video ad quality, measurement and pricing “need to be addressed” in 2013

Even as more media is consumed on mobiles, tablet and smart TVs and as the online video ad sector grows rapidly, one of its leading proponents is suggesting that the industry must continue to push for further significant changes in 2013.

Adap.tv, who claims to deliver a programmatic way to trade video advertising, believes that even looking at 2012, with more campaigns undertaken and clients seeing the medium offer real value, there are three areas— quality, measurement and pricing— that need to be addressed in 2013 before companies begin to move their brand budget online.

These say Adap.tv  reflect a trend that that ‘watching TV’ is being redefined as more media is consumed on mobile phones, tablets and smart TVs, but brand budgets are still firmly rooted in traditional TV.

Looking at measurement, Adap.tv, suggests that the way in which TV and online media is bought is currently very different, so online measurement needs to become more like traditional TV’s gross rating points. Similarly it argues that advertisers and agencies will need assurance that the ads for their brands appear in the right environment and on websites that match the advertiser’s brand values.

Moreover, because the cost of buying TV advertising is traditionally lower than that for online, Adap.tv asserts that pricing needs to be balanced through significantly larger budgets being made available for quality publishers.

Going forwards, and as the online video advertising sector moves to achieve these changes, Adap.tv predicts that in 2013 viewable ads will become one of the key metrics, with verified viewability becoming standard, and that the rise of smart TVs will see real interactive commercials appear. As TV and digital planning will become more standard, Adap.tv believes that digital ads will begin to prove as effective as traditional TV ads with greater collaboration between broadcast and digital teams

Adap.tv also expects the number of mobile video campaigns will increase as people watch more TV on their smartphones with the number of YouTube and customised web-based channels will increase. As brands start to move more TV budget online to check its effectiveness, the online advertising firm suggests that there will be a commensurate rise in automated trading of online video.

“This year we have seen a critical blurring of the lines between television and digital as the combination of catch up TV and new handheld devices continue to transform the way in which consumers watch television,” commented Brian Fitzpatrick, managing director of Adap.tv Europe. “The predictions for 2013 reflect these changes, and outline ways that the industry can tackle the challenges of the rapidly changing environment in which they operate.”

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