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Resignations from Globovisión increase

The Venezuelan private channel Globovisión is facing a wave of layoffs and resignations which places the channel in a delicate situation.

Globovisión was almost the only channel which opposed the Government, until the owners were replaced by a company closer to the official line. Since then, the channel has been trying to find an intermediate position between the two political sides in order to gain a wider audience. However, the strategy seems to have driven the channel to a state of no return.

After the change in Globovisión's direction last April, some of the most popular journalist decided to leave the channel and the number of resignations since then has been on the increase. Lately, the popular show Radar de los Barrios closed down and the presenter of Aló Ciudadano, the show which tops the channel's audience figures, also left the company.

According to the journalist's national union, UNP, these changes have come right after the president Nicolás Maduro criticised Globovisión for not reversing its confrontational line against the Government.

None of the journalists who have left the channel have wanted to make a clear statement about the reasons behind their decisions, although various comments have pointed to the lack of freedom in Venezuela's media industry.

TV is available to 96% of Venezuelans, and Globovisión, despite being only available in some parts of the country, is the most popular channel among those opposing the Government.

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