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Health broadcaster Telos expands to additional U.S. markets

Health specisalist Telos Digital Television has expanded to have a presence in six of the top 10 major markets in the United States.

Cities now included comprise New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Philadelphia, Portland, Maine. Additionally, signals are under construction in Louisville, Baton Rouge, Tampa-St. Petersburg, San Francisco and Miami.

Telos is a long-tail content provider operating as a free-to-air local broadcaster and online. Its specialties include nutrition, 'consciousness,' exercise, cooking and alternative medicine.

"As our population continues to hear the detrimental affects of modern medicine, processed foods and lifestyles we are subjected to, as well as the ones we inflict upon ourselves, there is a greater need to educate our viewers," said Telos Executive Vice President of Programming and Production, Wes Boatman. "The combination of doctors, experts, speakers and entertaining programs makes us a one-of-a-kind network and we are pleased that viewers are responding so positively to our message."

Telos has also struck up a relationship with ATV Broadcast to help it connect with cable and satellite companies.

According to a recent report in Food Insight for the year 2012, approximately 70% of the general population said that they are concerned about their health, 77% about their weight, and an increasing number of people trying to change their diet or habits to become healthier.

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